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  • How Many Words Are There in the German Language?

    *This post was published on the Lingvist Blog. A definitive number of words in a language is extremely hard to pin down for two main reasons. First off, a language is not a stagnant, established entity. Secondly, deciding which “words” should be included in a count is a rabbit hole in itself. The closer you look […]

  • The Best Way to Learn Spanish at Home

    *This post was published on the Lingvist Blog. Change the Language of your tecnología Beginner: Email Account and Phone Keyboard A great first step is to change the language of your email account, a specific mobile app like Facebook, or your profile on another website that you use often. Another might be to change the language […]

  • How to Memorize Vocabulary Fast

    with Lingvist’s Course Wizard *This post was published on the Lingvist Blog. The most frustrating feeling when speaking a foreign language is knowing the word for something but not being able to remember it. The “tip of the tongue phenomenon” occurs when we fail to retrieve a word from our long-term memory. Although we can’t guarantee […]

  • Forgetting to Remember: Spaced Repetition in Learning

    *This post was published on the Lingvist Blog. Language learning researchers estimate that someone who knows between 800–1,000 words can successfully participate in basic, everyday conversations. After learning 2,000 words, research suggests you can understand about 80% of a text. Considering that you probably want to have some time left over to actually use your second language (before […]