BCP: I passed the test!

I am proud to announce that I am part of the inaugural class of Box Certified Professionals (BCPs)! BCP is a certification for Box Administrators that premiered at Box.com’s annual conference BoxWorks in September of 2016. The program consisted of intensive in-person sessions over a three day period and a subsequent assignment in which we were challenged to demonstrate our newfound knowledge of the following skills:

  • business process identification
  • administration best practices
  • critical Box apps and partner integrations
  • user-centric training
  • developing a change management plan


As part of the inaugural class, we had the opportunity to help shape the future of the program. We had and continue to have intimate access to the hardworking Box Education team and Box Product Managers as well as to Box University training and Admin Console beta programs. As if this all wasn’t enough, we also get a fancy BCP badge on Box’s community site:

Box Community Profile